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Listen to what partners and employers are saying

“… Through this incredible experience I learned more about The WORKS System, and the intense job training curriculum and preparation they provide. I was in complete awe at the level of readiness I observed among the multiple men that I had the opportunity to interview. This truly astounded me and I became a believer instantly.”


Sarah Scarbrough, PhD, Director and Founder, REAL LIFE

..."I became a true believer instantly."

… “The WORKS System, a professional development skills curriculum facilitated, coordinated, and provided by Marilyn Milio, and her incredible staff and volunteers, gave our new hires the confidence and focus they needed to become great employees which helped stabilize them, and their family’s, lives.” …

Norm Gold, Developer and Operator, The Market @ 25th

norm photo_edited.jpg

"The WORKS System...gave our new hires the confidence and focus needed to become great employees.."

"As a past instructor for the WORKS curriculum, I have to say that it is one of the most comprehensive programs I have been a part of. Not only does it have the necessary elements for education it also incorporates the human importance that's necessary to reach the population it serves. The program has a very good flow from start to finish that makes it simple to teach and learn. In my opinion it should be a nation wide curriculum that's used to serve those that could benefit from it."


Micah White, Executive Producer,

"...The WORKS one of the most comprehensive programs I have been a part of. 

"When we have an opening, we look first to the CARITAS WORKS Program. They've consistently provided not only skilled and dependable candidates, but workers of integrity and character, who have contributed to not only business outcomes, but also to our workplace culture and values.

Joel Middleton, Plant Manager, Retail Medical, Handcraft Services

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"...skilled and dependable candidates..." 

Listen to what the participants are saying

“I have gained insight into the relationship my personal values play into job satisfaction and ultimately contribute to my work quality (productivity) and behaviors.”

— Michael R.

“I have learned from this program not to sell myself short, make my opinion be heard, open up to others, and that I can do anything if I put my mind to it and believe in myself. I think I have learned to be the best person I can be in this time and day. Thank you Works!”

— Lloyd B.

“I have learned how to introduce myself, accept my background, and use all of it positively.”

— Donald C.

“The Works program has afforded me an opportunity to become enriched. Did you hear me? I am rich in spirit.”

— Letitia F.

“I have learned to use previous successful situations from a job to show my skills and problem solving abilities to potential employers.”

— Brandon B.

“I have learned a greater sense of self-awareness, self-appreciation and self-worth through the combined curriculum of professional ethics and personal performance.”

— Sur W.

“Sometimes it is okay to ask for help. I also learned how to work with others and how to step up and voice my opinion on matters that effect the team as a whole.”

— Kelvin B.

“I learned that I am a more worthy person than I thought when I started.”

— Matthew W.

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