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This workforce curriculum, The WORKS System, was developed from combining research, adult learning techniques and information from best practice programs. We analyzed 8 years’ worth of evidence- based outcomes from the CARITAS Workforce Programs. The WORKS System has been intentionally adapted to strengthen the employability skills of participants with barriers to employment and to keep pace with the changing needs of employers.  The awareness and practice of these foundational skills directly correlates  to improved professional behaviors and sustained employment.


Module 1 - Character Development

This sequence of classes helps to expand the participant’s knowledge of their social, behavioral and personal characteristics. This knowledge and application of this knowledge is necessary to find employment that is in sync with the individuals' strengths and values. Morning Motivations/Afternoon Affirmations/Evening Engagements Life Story and Peer Review Communication 1 Mindful Listening Communication 2 Non-Verbal  Introduction to Critical Thinking Journey to Joy- Love and Forgiveness Myers Briggs Type Indicator Managing Change Solution-Based Thinking with Grace and Energy Emotional Intelligence Building Your Leadership Style


Module 2 - Job Preparation

These courses align with the Character Development Module and help increase the opportunity for both acquiring and maintaining employment.  Teambuilding Dress for Success Ethical Behavior and Professional Decision Making Values and the Job Search Presenting Conflict Management Talents, Knowledge, Competencies and Strengths What's My Job Resume Writing 1 Resume Writing 2 Elevator Speech Creating a Personal Statement The Cover Letter Interviewing Skills Interviewing Skills Practice Phone Interviewing Job Applications Life Purpose Brainstorm Introduction to the Job Search Networking

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Module 3 - Life Skills

The classes in this module teach participants skills that enable adults to effectively function in a community. These skills are also useful to operate successfully in the information age and assist adults to become self-sustaining members of their communities.​ ​Computer Class 1  Introduction to Computers  Computer Class 2  Microsoft Word Basics Computer Class 3  Internet Safety Computer Class 4  Email Essentials Computer Class 5 Google Drive Computer Class 6  Creating a PowerPoint Presentation Computer Class 7  Flash Drives Goal Setting Money Management ​​

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