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Powered by CARITAS

Industries Employing Works System Graduates*

The WORKS System Powered by CARITAS helps graduates realize and sustain jobs in multiple industries and highlights core employability competencies to assist individuals transition into the workforce with a stronger sense of self  and the motivation to become thriving and contributing members of their communities.

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In 2024 we will be impacted  by technologies- AI, digitization- in our personal and professional lives.  "... a big part of becoming a proficient AI-augmented worker is understanding its limitations and knowing where you still need to apply human creativity, compassion and innovation!" It is important to develop emotional intelligence and empathy to counter for technology’s lack of it.

Forbes Newsletter Bernard Marr Oct 17, 2023

The Works System Powered by CARITAS is the curriculum to assist individuals 

become better prepared for a high tech future, putting humanness in technology.

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