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Sarah's Story


As I sat at a desk in a renovated warehouse building, a man in a suit, carrying a leather portfolio, walked in. I rose from my chair and shook his hand, as he looked me in the eye, introduced himself and handed me his resume.  I proceeded to interview this gentleman for a truck driving position. He was incredibly articulate, maintained eye contact, explained the gaps in his work history on his resume, and really sold himself as to why he was the best candidate for the job. If only, I had a trucking company that could hire him. 

This was my first real introduction to CARITAS Works – mock interview day. I had heard about this program before, as I work in a similar field, but was not totally familiar until I had the privilege to participate in their mock interviews. Through this incredible experience I learned more about The WORKS System, and the intense job training curriculum and preparation they provide.  I was in complete awe at the level of readiness I observed among the multiple men that I had the opportunity to interview. This truly astounded me and I became a believer instantly. 

Since that time in 2016, I have had the privilege of working with CARITAS Works and their great Director Marilyn. She has created this curriculum from the years of classroom instruction that she has provided to hundreds of individuals who have barriers to employment but are ready to make a commitment to change their life – they just need the tools to do so. I have sat in many of her classes and personally had several clients from the program I am the director of, participate. I have witnessed firsthand the vast amount of knowledge and skills each person garners through the Works program. I am aware of their amazing statistics related to job attainment and retention, but I have also witnessed these same stats directly among those I know who have been through the program and became gainfully employed.

This curriculum has been a long time coming. Marilyn and her team have put countless hours into developing this into a curriculum that others can utilize. Taking everything they delivered in the classroom and creating something wonderful. 
Beyond the statistics, the suits, and the knowledge of how to obtain and maintain a job are the life changing effects. Those who have gone through Works have knowledge they previously didnot have. Many who have graduated Works have never had a job before. Their children have never seen their parents get up and go to work. They have not had a means to support themselves and their family. This, for the first time for many, provides an opportunity for a living wage and being able to sustain in life. It allows them to do something they are proud of. It provides an opportunity for a transformed life and a restoration of dignity. 

This curriculum will literally be life changing for organizations that purchase it. It will equip them with the tools to provide incredible preparation. It will, in turn, change the lives of those they serve!!!

Enjoy and best of luck!

Sarah Scarbrough, PhD Director and Founder, REAL LIFE

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